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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Rates Visitor Vizzy.us

halo teman teman,,, kalau di website resminya, nama rates visitor vizzy.us adalah RATES PUBLISHER, silakan simak berikut ini hehe saya kutip langsung dari web vizzy.us

The current average eCPM (amount payable for 1000 visitors in a 24-hour period) for 1st June 2014.
Unique = amount payable for 1000 visitors in a 24-hour period, clicking multiple links.

Country Protecting Type
United States $2.00
United Kingdom $2.00

Indonesia $1.00
Germany $1.00
France $1.00
Finland $1.00
Norway $1.00
Canada $1.00
Sweden $1.00
Austria $1.00
Australia $1.00
Switzerland $1.00

New Zealand $0.50
Portugal $0.50
Romania $0.50
Russian Federation $0.50
Taiwan $0.50
Spain $0.50
Netherlands $0.50
Luxembourg $0.50
Belgium $0.50
Czech Republic $0.50
Hong Kong $0.50
Iceland $0.50
India $0.50
Italy $0.50
Japan $0.50

Proxy Traffic Deal $0.10
All other countries $0.10

nah cukup lumayan besar kan hehe, silakan kalau ada pertanyaa di komentar yaa... atau lihat yang banyak di tanyakan di vizzy.us, kamu bisa baca disini VIZZY.US SAFETY URL MONETIZE

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